The unique prospect of sailing the San Francisco Bay becomes more than just a desire when Captain San Francisco is thrown into the mix, with the various itineraries offered by the private boat charter company availing a sailing(s) experience unlike any other.

The only thing common between any two or more Captain San Francisco charter experiences is the presence of Captain Joshua Waldman, but even he’ll be happy to let all on board know that even in his 20 years of sailing experience, each new San Francisco Bay area sailing cruise offers a uniquely different experience, without disappointment. Perhaps the inherent charm of any San Francisco Bay cruise would have no problems shining through, but Captain San Francisco doesn’t leave that up to chance. Captain San Francisco ensures that every tour is unique and memorable, with each tour tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Properties such as the weather and currents are factored-in to account for a vast list of variables which guarantee each tour has its own set of unique elements. Furthermore, on top of the fact that on-board sailors can essentially design their own itineraries, Captain Josh acts as your private Skipper, only happy to take you anywhere your heart desires, provided adequate prior booking arrangements have been made (the amount of time booked, etc.).

As if all of that isn’t enough already, for those who aren’t too sure exactly how they’d go about tailoring their San Francisco yacht cruises, a range of predetermined options are on offer, if some of those aren’t only for the sole purpose of giving prospective sailors a push in the right direction and offering some inspiration. One of these predetermined highlights is the inclusion of a complementary lunch (and wine) with every charter. Clients can also be assured of a hands-on sailing experience, should they so wish, with activities such as trimming the sails or brushing up on some nautical terminology sure to have many prospective sailors and budding skippers licking their lips with anticipation.

As one of the premier sailing charters in SF Bay, Captain San Francisco’s service does well to incorporate some of the complementary entertainment venues of the surrounding areas, with a range of restaurants listed as possible destinations to sail to and arrive in style. These restaurants include the likes of La Mar Peruvian Cebicheria, Scomas Italian Seafood, Sam’s Anchor Café (Tiburon), Guaymas Seafood (also in Tiburon), The Trident Restaurant in Sausalito, Scomas Italian Seafood Rest (also in Sausalito), Bar Bocce, FISH Restaurant, Salito’s, and the Angel Island Café.

For those who harbor a desire to experience private sailing charters on SF Bay that break out of all stereotypical sailing options, nothing screams “originality” and “out-of-the-ordinary” quite like Date-Day with a nautical twist. A sunset dinner cruise, as one of the many custom options on offer, has all the makings of a complete romantic experience to WOW one’s partner with and make for a day never to be forgotten. Who can ever say no to a marriage proposal that plays out on a boat? Captain San Francisco’s Marriage Proposal Cruise is a firm-favorite among many creatively thoughtful romantics and the cruise is specially designed to clients’ specifications. Need the champagne and roses to be hidden out of sight of your sweetheart? No problem…all of that can be arranged.

If the imagination is running wild right now, as it should be, a world of endless possibilities awaits those who take the time to consider any one of the many SF Bay boat charters offered by Captain San Francisco. Whether some wine tasting tickles your fancy, or perhaps if some symbolic ash scattering at sea would do your healing process a world of good, check out Captain San Francisco ( for some of the most creative and customizable itineraries on offer.